Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Event Announcement: Unfiltered AAJA Journalism Symposium in Tokyo

0, a cooperative of journalists and readers committed to covering the underrepresented and marginalized, and to creating a new way of reporting through independent, uncompromising, quality journalism, will hold a symposium in Tokyo on October 1.

The Worker Cooperative Movement and Crises of Our Times

Over the centuries and across and within countries. Depending on their specific goals, forms and practices, the “worker co-ops” have been either celebrated as a transformative laboratory of worker democracy and self-management, or dismissed as a reformist project within capitalism that is doomed to failure.

Japan’s palm oil power push is faltering

Local resistance and high prices have slowed the expansion of palm oil power stations

May Day Eve Celebration Honors Women’s Unsung Labor

May Day Eve for Women was organized to recognize and re-evaluate unpaid and underappreciated domestic and care work in and outside of their homes.

Mind the Gap

Japan’s gender gap is still wide and post-covid austerity threatens to make it worse. The defense of our most vulnerable communities, including women, is the greatest defense we can provide for our economies and citizens.

Dirty Fight

Tokyo has created one of the world’s best sewage-management systems but unions warn of the impact of market-driven capitalism and climate change.

Hongkongers Establish Alliance in Japan to Continue the Fight for Democracy Across Asia

Our demand for democracy in Hong Kong has not died, despite the growing risks of raising them in the former British colony since the Chinese government imposed the draconian “National Security Law” in 2020.

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