On Being a Vietnamese Lifeline in Japan

Takayama Yuki Photo Credit: Chie Matsumoto

Born in Vietnam, Takayama Yuki overcame her own struggles as a refugee in Japan and now spends her life helping others.  In a still largely homogenous country, Japan is home to about 412,000 Vietnamese, the third largest ethnic group behind Chinese and Koreans. About 2,316 Vietnamese were working as technical trainees at Japanese companies in…

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About the author

Chie Matsumoto is a journalist and an adjunct media instructor in the Faculty of Law at Hosei University. She was previously one of the editors at Rodo Joho (Labor Notes) and a Tokyo correspondent at German Press Agency, dpa, as well as a reporter for the International Herald Tribune/The Asahi Shimbun. Matsumoto also worked as a research assistant in the Media and Journalism Studies at Tokyo University. Her works appear in books, Gender Hyogen Gaido Bukku (Gender Expression Guidebook) (Shogakukan Publishing, 2022) and Masukomi・Sekuhara Hakusho (State of Sexual Harassment in Media) (Bungei Shunju Publishing, 2020) among others, and in translations of The Purpose of Power (co-translator, Akashi Publishing, 2020) and others.

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