Media industry triggers
#MeToo movement in Japan


Japan’s #MeToo movement was sparked by a television reporter who said she was sexually harassed by the country’s highest-ranking finance ministry official. “Can I touch your breast?” “Can I tie you up?” The voice of the man’s relentless sexual advances was heard on a tape that ran in the weekly tabloid magazine Shukan Shincho. His…

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About the author

Chie Matsumoto is a journalist and an adjunct media instructor in the Faculty of Law at Hosei University. She was previously one of the editors at Rodo Joho (Labor Notes) and a correspondent at German Press Agency, dpa, as well as a reporter for the International Herald Tribune/The Asahi Shimbun. Matsumoto is also a research assistant in the Media and Journalism Studies at Tokyo University. Her works appear in books, Masukomi・Sekuhara Hakusho (State of Sexual Harassment in Media) (Bungei Shunju Publishing, 2020) and Burakku Kigyo (Black Corporations) (co-author, Godoshuppan Publishing, 2013) among others, and in translations of The Purpose of Power (co-translator, Akashi Publishing, 2020) and China on Strike (Sutosuru Chugoku) (co-translator, Sairyusha Publishing 2018).

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