Advocates condemn Japan’s harsh immigration laws

Attendees at the 4/28 sit-in event protesting the proposed revision to the immigration law listen intently to speeches outside the National Diet building

In February this year, Wishma Sandamali wrote a letter pleading for help when she thought she lay dying. The Sri Lankan woman had arrived in Japan as a student in 2017, but was detained as an overstayer at the Nagoya Regional Immigration Services Bureau in late 2020 when she became unable to pay her tuition….

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About the author

Kimberly Hughes is a freelance writer, translator, editor, university educator and community organizer based in Tokyo. She was a longtime contributor of stories on grassroots socio-political movements for the Ten Thousand Things blog, and her feature stories on social issues, arts/culture and travel have appeared in publications including The Mainichi, The Diplomat, Kyoto Journal, Tokyo Weekender, Sixty-Six Magazine and Craftsmanship Quarterly.

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