Unfiltered On the Ground:
The Olympics: Complex Feelings

On days off, I have been to Kyoto, Mt. Takao, Mt. Fuji and to see the giant Buddha.

Name: Max Power* Hometown: Newcastle, England Present City: Newcastle, England I’m from Newcastle, England, and next to where I live is a marine college that’s recognized worldwide for its engineering, navigation and ship-related disciplines. My dad is from Saudi Arabia, and he was paid by the Saudi government to do his marine course there. He met…

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About the author

Kimberly Hughes is a freelance writer, translator, editor, university educator and community organizer based in Tokyo. She was a longtime contributor of stories on grassroots socio-political movements for the Ten Thousand Things blog, and her feature stories on social issues, arts/culture and travel have appeared in publications including The Mainichi, The Diplomat, Kyoto Journal, Tokyo Weekender, Sixty-Six Magazine and Craftsmanship Quarterly.

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