Monday, June 5, 2023

Japan’s automobile industry has failed to rapidly adopt Electric Vehicle (EV) technology, and Japan is lagging on procuring materials for battery technology, our journalist members, Toshiaki Hibino and Akihiro Oates, say.

They discuss this and issues with the Japan-only push for hydrogen cars, based on their years of experience covering environment, science and industry.

This article has not yet been translated into English.
Compelling women’s fiction in Japan hardly began with its two brightest contemporary stars, Mieko Kawakami and Sayaka Murata. Yoko Tawada won the Akutagawa Prize back in 1993 and her work is widely read outside Japan (Tawada has long lived...
This article has not yet been translated into English.
Born in Vietnam, Takayama Yuki overcame her own struggles as a refugee in Japan and now spends her life helping others.  In a still largely homogenous country, Japan is home to about 412,000 Vietnamese, the third largest ethnic group behind...