May Day Eve Celebration Honors Women’s Unsung Labor

May Day Eve for Women was organized to recognize and re-evaluate unpaid and underappreciated domestic and care work in and outside of their homes.

Mind the Gap

Japan’s gender gap is still wide and post-covid austerity threatens to make it worse. The defense of our most vulnerable communities, including women, is the greatest defense we can provide for our economies and citizens.

Stemming the Shecession and Shadow Pandmic under COVID in Japan

The pandemic has pushed women even further to the margins in Japan, exposing the systemic discrimination, as well as the lack of appropriate public services, especially for struggling women.

Support for Women by Women

In response to the prolonged stress that the pandemic has placed on women, a group of lawyers, union organizers and other professionals such as...

Left in The Dark: Lack of support for sex workers during the pandemic pushes some to the brink

The media has covered the struggles of Japanese restaurants, bars and other service industries since the Covid-19 pandemic began in early 2020, but what...

Still Living, a photography exhibit from survivors of DV and sexual assault

This article has not yet been translated into English.


This article has not yet been translated into English


This article has not yet been translated into English

Prizewinning writers help to bridge Japan’s gender gap

Compelling women’s fiction in Japan hardly began with its two brightest contemporary stars, Mieko Kawakami and Sayaka Murata. Yoko Tawada won the Akutagawa Prize...