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The Worker Cooperative Movement and Crises of Our Times

Over the centuries and across and within countries. Depending on their specific goals, forms and practices, the “worker co-ops” have been either celebrated as a transformative laboratory of worker democracy and self-management, or dismissed as a reformist project within capitalism that is doomed to failure.

Japan’s palm oil power push is faltering

Local resistance and high prices have slowed the expansion of palm oil power stations

AI is running the lives of Delivery Workers in Japan

Every year, millions of people around Japan receive packages from Amazon. The packages  arrive day and night and invariably in pristine condition. But few give much thought to the exhausted delivery worker.

Why workers and communities oppose Japanese incineration in Southeast Asia

Ever wondered why the world’s largest metropolis is so clean? Ask Watanabe Ayumu. One of Tokyo’s small army of waste collectors, Watanabe’s day can start as early as 6 a.m., to beat traffic. From 8 a.m. he and his colleagues collects paper, PET plastic bottles, non-burnable waste such as metals, ceramics, and electronics, or, the most common by weight, so-called burnable waste, from homes and businesses across the 23 wards that make up Tokyo.

My Father-in-Law, the Japanese Radical

Visitors to Japan’s main international hub are still greeted by a sign saying ‘Down With Narita Airport’, a giant middle finger waved by diehards from...

Unfiltered On the Ground: The Olympics: Complex Feelings

Name: Max Power* Hometown: Newcastle, England Present City: Newcastle, England I’m from Newcastle, England, and next to where I live is a marine college that’s recognized worldwide for...

Support for Women by Women

In response to the prolonged stress that the pandemic has placed on women, a group of lawyers, union organizers and other professionals such as...

Advocates condemn Japan’s harsh immigration laws

In February this year, Wishma Sandamali wrote a letter pleading for help when she thought she lay dying. The Sri Lankan woman had arrived in...