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Journalist Members

Chie Matsumoto

Editor in Chief

Chie Matsumoto is a journalist and an adjunct media instructor in the Faculty of Law at Hosei University. She was previously one of the editors at Rodo Joho (Labor Notes) and a correspondent at German Press Agency, dpa, as well as a reporter for the International Herald Tribune/The Asahi Shimbun. Matsumoto is also a research assistant in the Media and Journalism Studies at Tokyo University. Her works appear in books, Masukomi・Sekuhara Hakusho (State of Sexual Harassment in Media) (Bungei Shunju Publishing, 2020) and Burakku Kigyo (Black Corporations) (co-author, Godoshuppan Publishing, 2013) among others, and in translations of The Purpose of Power (co-translator, Akashi Publishing, 2020) and China on Strike (Sutosuru Chugoku) (co-translator, Sairyusha Publishing 2018).

David McNeill

Journalist Member

Dr. David McNeill is a professor at the Department of English Language, Communication and Cultures at Sacred Heart University in Tokyo. He was previously a correspondent for The Independent and The Economist newspapers and for The Chronicle of Higher Education and his work has appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times and other international publications. He is co-author of the book Strong in the Rain (with Lucy Birmingham) about the 2011 Tohoku disaster. He is an Asia-Pacific Journal editor and a long-term member of the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan.

Toshiaki Hibino

Journalist Member

Toshiaki Hibino is a journalist whose wide ranging reporting has covered issues from climate change and nuclear energy, to health, local culture and labour issues. Though formerly a correspondent covering Kyoto and the Kansai region, he is currently based in Tokyo.

Kenichi Kita

Journalist Member

Kenichi Kita is an editor of ‘Rodo Joho’ (Labour Bulletin) whose objective is to empower workers and bolster the labour movement. As a freelance journalist, Kita writes articles for weekly and monthly magazines mainly on the topic of economics, finance and labour issues. He is the author of “That Seal, Don’t Press it!”, “Takefuji to Kotoron” co-author of “How to deal with workers in outsourcing and contracting”. In addition to his main work, he is also active in Shuppan-netz a freelance union working in the publishing industry and its parent organization Shuppan Roren (Publishers’ Federation of Labour Consultants). He also enjoys hiking in the mountains.

Joan Bailey

Journalist Member

Joan Bailey is a freelance writer living in Japan where her work focuses on food, farming, and farmers markets. Her articles and essays can be found in The Japan Times, Modern Farmer, Civil Eats, and Permaculture Magazine. She has contributed to several anthologies and her work has been recognized with various awards in Japan and in the US.

Kimberly Hughes

Journalist Member

Kimberly Hughes is a freelance writer, translator, editor, university educator and community organizer based in Tokyo. She was a longtime contributor of stories on grassroots socio-political movements for the Ten Thousand Things blog, and her feature stories on social issues, arts/culture and travel have appeared in publications including The Mainichi, The Diplomat, Kyoto Journal, Tokyo Weekender, Sixty-Six Magazine and Craftsmanship Quarterly.

Mami Yoshinaga

Journalist Member

Mami Yoshinaga has worked as a newspaper reporter in Japan since 1998. She continues to cover a variety of subjects, most prominently the history of war, information disclosure, gender and medical welfare. Since September 2020 she has served as president of the Japan Federation of Newspaper Worker’s Union and ,chairperson of the Mass Media Information & Culture (MIC). She is a contributor to Unfiltered as part of her trade union activities.

Hiroshi Dai

Journalist Member

Hiroshi Dai is a writer. He reports mainly on issues of privacy, freedom of the press and freedom of expression. He has authored several books on the topic of the suppression of the press under the Abe regime. He is currently the author of a weekly “Media Watch” column.

Nithin Coca

Journalist Member

Nithin Coca is a Asia-focused freelance journalist who covers climate, environment, human rights, and supply chains across the region. His reporting focuses on the connections between various issues, countries, and businesses. He has been awarded fellowships from the Solutions Journalism Network, The Pulitzer Center, and the International Center for Journalists, and his features have appeared in outlets in North America, Asia, and Europe, including Financial Times, Nikkei Asia Mongabay, Ensia, Yale E360, China Dialogue, The Nation and Engadget. Before Japan, he was based in Indonesia, and is originally from the United States.

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